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Furniture Designs Mirror Designs

Mirrors are an attractive feature in any home, and often serve two purposes - a mirror for people to look at them selves in, and as attractive hangings for walls and entrance halls.

Good mirrors should be designed with frames that make the mirror a feature, and add ambience and style to a room. Frames should be understated, and offer more in design than just a frame to hang hooks on. The frames should also complement the mirror, and add to its overall style and shape.

We have two new designs that we think meet this criteria. Our Mirror Charlize Theron features a large rectangular mirror (150cm x 84.5cm) framed with teak wood running the length of the two longest sides. The teak wood on each side consists of three lines of small teak strips, with each small teak strip being of a different size and length. When these strips are put together, the effect is one of stylish elegance, with the teak not overpowering the mirror, but being exactly the right size and shape to keep the length of the mirror long and sleek. The teak sides actually accentuate the long sides of the mirror.

Not everyone has high ceilings however to accommodate a large rectangular mirror. So we designed a large square mirror, the Mirror Salma Hayek. To accentuate the squareness (120cm x 120cm) of the mirror, we double framed all four sides, and gave it an oriental look by separating both fames on each side with two joiners. Normally a thin frame is overpowered by such a large mirror, but by using two narrow frames, and separating them by the same width as the frame, the effect is of three frames. This effect makes sure that the total width of the whole frame balances against the size of the mirror.

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